ICU Mechanical Bed (Imported Type) (HF - 01)


1. Four Pieces individual Side-rails, ABS Moulded.
2. Heavy ABS Head and Foot Panel with locking and corner buffer.
3. Framework Made-up of M.S. Tubes.
4 section top made-up of Oval perforated CRCA M.S. Sheet.
5. Bed Mounted on 5" Castors, 2 with brakes.
6. S.S. Telescopic I.V. Rod with 4 Location.
7. Holder for Urine Bag.
8. Finish: Pretreated Epoxy Powder Coated.
9. Overall Approx. Size: 2090Lx 910W x 625-820H MM.
10. Positions Obtained by Smooth Crank system with foldable handle.