Multi Para Monitor (I - 05)


Crisp 12.1 inch Color LCD Display with high resolution Measures standard configuration of ECG, NiBP, SpO2, Temperature and Respiration Audible variation in tone helps in sensing patient’s oxygen saturation levels With 720 Hours of Trend Data Storage, 1000 NiBP Reviews and 2 hours full waveform disclosure facilitates easy review of patient information Added feature of Oxygen-Cardiorespirography helps the physician to measure beat-beat heart rate, respiratory rate and thoracic impedance Different alarm tone with voice prompt sequences help physicians identify emergency conditions even when caregiver is away from th e patient By monitoring apnea, the user can detect the cessation of breathing easily. The device also comes with provision to adjust the time within which apnea is detected 2-IBP, EtCO2 (Sidestream/ Mainstream), Touch Screen, Thermal Recorder (3 Channel) and CNS (Wireless)