LED Light Source (O -09)


We present an innovative and advanced model of LED Light Source that exceeds 2200 lumens bright and uniform white light. It is the best alternative to 300W xenon light with its high energy efficiency and maintenance free working.

Technical parameters:

l. External Power Supply, LAI-Z4AV|AC 50/60 Hz

2. Led power: 120w

3. Color temperature: 5000K - 6500K

4. Intensity: 110,400Lx.

5. Luminous flux: 24B4Lm.

6. Noise: less than 55dBT.Shell temperature: less than 55C

9. Safe type: I kind; BF type. Working environment lO. Temperature | 5-32"C

11. Relative Humidity : {7Oo/o

l2. Atmospheric pressure : 86.0 -106.0kpa