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High Flow Nasal Cannula oxygen therapy is conducted out using oxygen blender, nasal cannula, single heated tube, and active humidifier. Able to transport adequate heat and humidified medical gas at flows up to 60l/min, it is considered to have many physiological benefits in comparison to the other ordinary oxygen therapies including reduced anatomical dead space, good humidification and PEEP and constant FIO2.  Though several randomized clinical trials have been conducted, HFNC today has gaining more attention for respiratory support for respiratory ill patients. Amukta Medical Systems, a trustworthy High Flow Nasal Cannula Suppliers is leading on the top for providing the superior quality of hospital apparatus and equipments which also includes High Flow Nasal Cannula.

Well, the published information is available for neonates. For severely ill patients, evidences are uneven because the reports cover different subjects with different conditions like respiratory failure, postextubation, sleep apnea, acute heart failure etc. Across the assortment, several published reports says that HFNC and criteria for timing the starting and stopping of it and for escalating treatment. Regardless of these issues, High Flow Nasal Cannula has emerged as an innovative and effective modality for early treatment of adults with respiratory failure with various underlying diseases.

How HFNC works?

HFNC by Amukta Medical Systems, a reliable High Flow Nasal Cannula Suppliers, is heated and humidified system allowing prescribed fraction of inspired oxygen level to be delivered at high flow rates. Let us consider its working. There are 3 primary benefits of it- dead space washout, functional residual capacity enhancement and precise oxygen delivery.

Dead space washout-

When HFNC is applied, constant high flow of oxygen gives washout anatomical dead space of oropharynx and proximal tracheobronchial tree that results in efficient breathing.

Functional residual capacity enhancement-

HFNC exerts effects through providing some variable positive pressure. When measured with manometers in the posterior oropharynx with closed mouth breathing, pressure is modest however effect nearly goes away when sufferers open their mouth.

Regardless this discrepancy, studies show that the functional residual capacity increases about 25% when it is applied.

Precise oxygen delivery-

Conventional nasal cannula deliver flow rate of n2-6L/min. The patients with respiratory distress can have greater peak inspiratory flow rates. If a patient’s flow rate is higher than what is offered by the cannula, patient will entrain room air in the lungs and the results in oxygen dilution and the sufferer won’t be able to receive the right amount of oxygen that is needed.

When HFNC is used for oxygen delivering, the flow rates are higher than traditional one. This results in higher delivery of recommended oxygen into the lungs and less entrainment of room air. The oxygen to deliver into patient isn’t prone to same effect of dilution.

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