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Hospital Furniture Manufacturer

Amukta Medical Systems is one of the leading names in the hospital furniture industry, we have been manufacturing hospital furniture for more than 30 years. We manufacture ICU Mechanical Bed, ICU Electric Bed, ICU HI-Lo Mechanical Bed, Hospital Fowler Bed, Hospital Semi Fowler Bed, Hospital Plain Bed Delux Type, Hospital Semi Fowler Bed Delux Type, Pediatric Plain Bed, Patient OPD Couch etc. The healthcare sector is continually innovating with the help of technology and furniture designs for creating a comfortable as well as safe surrounding for the patients and staff there in the hospital. As a reliable Hospital Furniture Manufacturer, Amukta Medical Systems considers numerous aspects that are important in making hospital or clinic furniture because it is having a huge impact on each aspect of the healthcare facility.

AMS hospital furniture must be designed for relaxation and comfort to the sufferers. It is furniture is appealing it can provide a great experience and enhance the image of the hospital's reputation. We as a hospital furniture manufacturer deals with most of the reputed hospitals & nursing homes last 30 years. We also export our hospital furniture to Bangladesh, South Africa, UAE etc.

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