OT Light Supplier - Why Are These Lights Good For OT?

OT Light Supplier

OT Light Supplier - Why Are These Lights Good For OT?

OT light or LED OT light by Amukta Medical Systems, one of the well-known OT Light Supplier is the light that is designed for enhancing the energy efficiency and reduces emission of gas of the healthcare systems. By having access to the sophisticated technology all reliable hospitals, clinics and outpatient operating centers are advancing into the new categories of white light applications with significant potential for not only saving energy but for reduced safeguarding. Also it wades off the requirement for filtering media as needed while using halogen lamps.

The superior efficiency allow for the reductions in connected load of 50% or more with potential for additional energy saving through constant color dimming and reduced cooling load into the OT room. They don’t stop functioning suddenly without warning as in case of the of halogen lamps but slowly fades intensity making room to plan for lights replacements. It’s the way of moving ahead.

Photonic LED surgical lights-

Such lights for OT have very good benefits over conventional lights and are economic for clinics, hospitals and outpatients centers needing the extreme quality of surgical lights.


  • Low-glare illumination with neutral white light
  • Accessible in  three configurations like- ceiling mounting, wall mounting and mobile
  • Optimal depth of illumination, no refocusing necessary
  • LED brightness indicator bar on the light’s head and grip
  • Huge illuminated area for the most demanding processes
  • Intensity control on the control panel of the light head as well as via grip
  • High color performance for accurate and natural reproduction of examination areas
  • Long lastingness of LED more than 20 years of its standard use
  • Removable sterilisable grip
  • Improved visualization of red tissues

Concept behind OT lights-

01-   dependable and focused lighting-

Each light by Amukta Medical Systems, the top OT Light Supplier is angled towards one another to form a light emitting concave for more focused lighting.  Angular light unit concept and LED light guarantee the benefit of coefficient luminance across various depth that results in consistent illumination at various heights.

02-   Unobstructed laminar air flow-

A close unit yet roomy arrangement of each light unit make possible free flowing of air from ceiling and lessen turbulent flow in the areas under the light units.


  • Safe
  • pure white lights
  • long life
  • Cool OTs
  • Eco-friendly

Wrapping up

So after knowing the advantages and features and concept now no doubts should be there in one’s mind. Just order to OT Light Supplier and get it supplied faster for your hospital’s OT room.

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